What Is Greenhouse Effect

Green house effect is known to be a natural process that is responsible for warming up the surface of the earth. It is a natural process that was discovered in 1827 by Joseph Foruieer.

The green house effect is known to keep the temperature of the earth high; which is higher than it would really be if directly heated by the sun; this is because when the light from the sun reaches the earth’s surface some of the light is absorbed and radiated back as heat to the space. The green houses gases are responsible for absorbing and radiating back the heat to space.

The green houses gases

The green houses gases that play an integral role absorbing and in the sending back of heat from earth are:

  • Water vapour- This is the most abundant green house gas that increases with the warming up of the earth’s atmosphere.
  • Carbon dioxide- This is like an important but a very minor part of the atmosphere.
  • Methane- This is a hydrocarbon gas that is produced by the natural sources and as well as from the human activities; it is quite an active green house gas but it also the one which is the less abundant.
  • Nitrous oxide- This is known to be a powerful green house gas which is produced by nitric acid production, biomass burning, organic fertilizers and fossil fuel combustion.
  • Chlorofluorocarbons- These are synthetic compounds that are used in a number of applications


The energy that is absorbed by the green houses gases is responsible for heating up the surface of the earth, without green house effect the earth’s temperature would be less making the surface cold and survival of the people difficult. Increase in the green houses gases leads to the heating of the surface of the earth which can further create a hole in the ozone layer.

Causes for the green house effect

  • Fossil fuel burning- The fossil fuels like coal, natural gas and oil are used in our lives on a daily basis for the production of electricity and transportation. The burning of these fossil fuels lead to the emission of carbon dioxide which is the main gas among all the other green houses gases that is responsible for the green house effect.
  • Deforestation- Cutting down of tress and burning of wood due to the growing urban culture and development is responsible for the release of carbon dioxide.
  • Farming- Nitrous oxide is an important green house gas that is used for fertilizers, which in return leads to the green house effect and further turns into global warming.
  • Population- With the ever increasing population there has been an increase in the basic necessities of life. Moreover a lot of cities have become industrial hubs leading to the release of gases which has further led to the green house effect.


If there would be no green house effect then there would be no life on earth, so it is needed for the basic survival of the human beings. The green house effect is also responsible for maintaining an ecological balance.