Beginners friendly Bowling Balls

Qualities of Good Bowling Balls for Beginners

Bowling is a sport as well as a recreational activity in which the players throw bowling balls towards pins that may have been arranged in a certain order, in order to knock them down. There are various different types of bowling that exist such as – duckpins, ninepins, candlepins,fivepins, and skittles but the one that is most widely played is ‘tenpins’. It is the major form of Bowling that is played in various different parts of the world such as United States, Australia, Latin America, Canada, and New Zealand. Various bowling tournaments are also regularly conducted around the world.

People from any age group can enjoy bowling. By following a few basic guidelines, one can master the art of throwing the ball and perfect their bowling skills. Since it is a pretty straightforward game, one wouldn’t need a lot of time to learn how to play it. One just has to aim at the pins and throw the ball the right way to knock all of them down. The lesser takes you take to knock down all the pins, the more points you get.

There are specialized bowling balls available especially for beginner bowlers. Choosing a bowling ball as a beginner can be quite a difficult process since one doesn’t really know what to look for, but through this article, it can be simplified up to a great extent and one will be knocking down more pins in no time.

The best Beginners friendly Bowling Balls have the following features –

Beginners friendly Bowling Balls

  • They are heavier –

The heavier the ball, the better it is considered to be. It is mainly due to the fact that lighter balls tend to bounce a lot when thrown, which may lead to it getting deflected from the desired path. They also have the tendency to bounce-off from the pins which result in them not getting knocked down. So even a perfectly aligned shot can at times leave the pins standing and lead you to lose the game. As an adult, one can handle balls that weigh around 14-15 pounds easily. Also, the ball should be roughly 10% of your total body weight


  • The Finger Holes are the correct size –

They should neither be too big nor too small, but just the right size. Since if the holes are too big, then you will let off the ball earlier than you intend to due to the lack of grip and if they are too small, then you may not be able to set the ball off soon enough to be able to hit the target.


  • They have a plastic coverstock –

Bowling balls with plastic coverstock are the best for beginners since they don’t hook a lot or sometimes don’t hook at all.

One should consider the above pointers when buying a bowling ball as a beginner to make an informed decision and have a good experience when bowling since half the experience will improve on its own when you have the right equipment.