How Sun Provides Solar Power

What is solar power?

Solar power is the cleanest form of renewable energy that is used in several forms to provide power to homes and business. The conversion of energy from the sun is known as solar power.

How is solar power in demand?

Solar energy or power is in demand these days as compared to the other fossil fuels mainly because it is quite inexpensive on the pocket in the future, it is clean and renewable; except for these obvious benefits of using solar energy, there are quite a number of other reasons for solar energy being in demand.

  • The most common point definitely is that it is the cleanest source of energy; unlike other sources of energy it doesn’t pollute the nature neither does it emit any green houses gases. It is safe and extremely environment friendly. So installing solar panels in definitely the most sensible contribution one can make towards the environment.
  • It is the cheapest source of electricity, as the sun is a free source of energy so one would not see any increasing rates of the solar power.
  • Solar energy can be used for building solar farms in lands that are unused and underutilized.
  • With using solar energy one would not have to face a situation of blackout. There would be electricity all the time in the sunny days except during the times when there would be no sunlight and a rainy season.
  • It is a great way of creating more jobs for the unemployed; if more people would opt for solar power then more companies install solar panels giving a boost to the employment industry.

How does the sun provide solar power or energy?

The sun being the main source of power which is enough to meet the energy needs of the whole world The energy provided by the sun acts as a clean and an important source of energy; this energy is further converted into solar power; by the help of solar photovoltaic panels that are put or arranged on buildings. Once the solar panels extract the sunlight from the sun, then they covert the energy into direct electricity which is then further converted into alternating electricity by the solar inverter.  This alternating energy is then used to power the houses and business which is clean and quite efficient.

So, the sun doesn’t directly provide solar power nor does it directly provide electricity; it is the source through which the energy is extracted by the solar panels installed as homes and then further converted into DC which is then converted into AC through the solar inverter.

Future of solar energy

The future of solar energy is quite bright as it is the most environment friendly option of electricity available in our country. With a number of villages and rural areas still without electricity installation of solar panels in such villages is the need of the hour. Using renewable energy like solar power is the best way of feeding a large and day by day growing population.